This is my personal website about destinations in the Mediterranean. Hi, I'm Alfie, a lover of travel and I first fell in love with the Med over 50 years ago when by chance I was offered a free trip to Portfino in Southern Italy. There I soaked in the seafood, the scenery, the hospitable locals and of course the glorious weather.

Over the following decades I've dedicated to holidays and spare time to visiting and reading about the vast destinations which the Med has to offer.

Last year i thought it would be good to share some of my knowledge and hopefully you can pick up some tips from my experiences and pass on some of my passion to you.

The Med is a place which is very close to my heart, in fact I met my best friend whilst on a hiking trip in the Lycian Way in Turkey. Over the following decades we have explored much soutern Europe, Greece, Turkey and areas in northern Africa together.

As with any travelling, if you can speak the language then the beeter time you'll have, so over the years I've tried to learn Spanish, French and Greek - some successfully and some not so! I know enough to get by.

What I love about the Med is the variety of cultures, scenery, topography and food on offer. Each place has their own distinctive spirit so you're bound to find a location which suits your needs.

I hope you enjoy my take on travel and it inspires you to explore these amazing places in detail.